Reopen Scouting in Texas!

Governor Abbott,

EO GA-30 bans most Scout activities in Texas.

It does this with the 10-person outdoor gathering-size limit.

Scout units could resume by moving everything outdoors. That would be safe—outdoor Coronavirus transmission is rare, especially if everyone masks when distancing is not possible.

While the EO excepts “youth camps” from the limit, that is widely interpreted to apply only to professionally staffed youth camps. That excludes the vast majority of Scout camping events, like troops going on a weekend campout.

I urge you to do two things:

First, permit Scout units to re-engage in unit camping. Only one safety-measure is needed: mask when distancing is not possible.

Second, exempt state parks from the gathering limit, at least for Scout units.

Thank you for your consideration,

Aren Cambre
Advisor, Venturing Crew 863
Assistant Scoutmaster, Scouts BSA Troop 861

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