Geolocating Carter Banks’s and Steve Ronin’s urbex in a New York house

I like figuring out true locations behind videos or photos. Urban explorers let me hone this skill.

A note: These explorers are actors. They make entertainment products, not documentaries. Their general pattern is to paint a pseudo-abandoned building with phony drama, nostalgia, or mystery. These fuel emotions that color a walk-through of the building.

Part of their act is obscuring location, adding to the mystery. This means we get fun puzzles to solve.

I’ve nailed the location of the set of one of Carter Banks’s (a.k.a. BigBankz) videos:

Exploring a Doctor’s ABANDONED House in the Woods | Found Guns

This video’s backstory is a doctor who had a famous-actress wife from Europe, a nasty divorce, severe back pain, and financial troubles, leading to a mysterious house abandonment.

Carter left some key clues.

(Licensing note: Some screen captures from the video are below. Their use fall under the fair use doctrine. An example of fair use is use is use of others’ works for commentary and criticism.)

First, you have these pill bottles, which confirm a last name of Dulik:

Pill bottle #1. This is a capture from the above video.
Pill bottle #2. This is a capture from the above video.

A phone number is exposed with a different angle on the second pill bottle:

Pill bottle #2, rotated. This is a capture from the above video.

Searching on “295-5458” pharmacy turns up Sullivan Pharmacy from Liberty, New York.

Great, we know this probably a Dulik from Liberty, New York.

Carter also gave us a drone shot, helping us identify the house’s outline.

Drone view of house.

After a little Googling, I located an Ivan F. Dulik from Liberty, NY. His wife is Consuela Moravkova. Her biography contradicts some things Carter said. Consuela is Czech, not west European, and the “famous actress” in Czechoslovakia theory is stretching the truth. She appears to have only had minor acting roles until her 1979 retirement.

Why is the house abandoned? First, look at the aerial of the site, where you can also confirm the outline:

The red pin is on the explored house. Adjacent are destroyed or condemned buildings. A condemned building is what shows behind the house’s chimney:

Strange building behind a residence.

Th explored house is part of the Grandview Palace Condominiums. This property is the redeveloped Brown’s Hotel in New York’s Catskills, which had a massive fire in April 2012 and was condemned weeks later.

Here’s the fire:

While the explored house is a detached, single-family home, it’s still part of the condominium complex. That is apparent from a property map from the county, which has no separate parcel for that house:

Red arrow shows approximate location of house, inside a large parcel shared with the condo complex.

The likely explanation isn’t a mysterious abandonment. Rather, it’s that the house had to be abandoned because it was no longer safe.

Part of the safety issue appears to be asbestos. A recent proposal by the Town of Fallsburg, to use eminent domain to acquire and redevelop the property, was canceled apparently due to concerns about asbestos-abatement costs.

Finally, the house is not abandoned! For one, it has electricity: the oven and microwave clocks are on. I wonder how many lights would have turned on had Carter flipped switches? (Spookiness is part of the act, so of course they cannot use the lights!) The house isn’t the dusty, rotted mess of something abandoned for years in a humid continental climate that gets 52 inches of rain each year and cold winters. While not maintained well, it is being minimally maintained by someone.

Wait, there’s more! Carter’s buddy Steve Ronin was there and also created a video:

Steve shared a valuable clue, confirming the owner’s identity:

A paper confirming Ivan F. Dulik.

That and another document he found show dates after the massive fire. If the entire complex was condemned, and this house is part of the complex, I am unclear how anyone could reside in it. My guess is Ivan visited the house occasionally to sort out affairs, possibly concluding with an optimistic 2015 attempt to sell it.

This may be Ivan:

And the Japan theory? It probably comes from a photo book of what is likely a medical conference Ivan attended in Japan:

A still from when a photo book was flipped through.

I found property records. Ivan and Consuela still co-own the property. While the actor suggested that Ivan may tried to sell the place for $595,000 almost 10 years ago, the county now says it is worth around $40,000. You can see the property records by looking up property 11.-1-39.02./0101 at Sullivan County’s property-search site. (Interestingly, a search on 11.-1-39 turns up all owners in the condemned condo complex. That backs up other information I found that shows that resolution to the catastrophic fire is absent even 11 years later!)

The property was probably abandoned because it’s part of a condemned condo complex. I’ll bet that Ivan and his wife were prolific shoppers. There’s so much suggestive evidence of that in the house. If so, the things that were left behind were mostly clutter, redundant possessions, or things that were easier to replace than to pack up and move.

This property still has some open questions. They are mundane. But the location puzzle is solved. That’s the fun game!

6 thoughts on “Geolocating Carter Banks’s and Steve Ronin’s urbex in a New York house”

  1. Consuela Moravkova was born in Chrudim in eastern Bohemia in 1944.
    In 1979, Consuela and her husband traveled to Britain with a state-sponsored program to learn English. Instead of returning to Czechoslovakia, they were sponsored by a cousin who lived in the United States and moved to New York City. Consuela says that she loved the ‘energy’ of the city, and she quickly found a job at a hospital cafeteria. She also began teaching yoga, a practice that she had first taken up as a teenager. Although Consuela had a role in an off-Broadway production of Oedipus, she decided not to pursue acting as a career, in part because of the language barrier. She did, however, do some acting and poetry readings with the local Czech community for a time. Today, Consuela is a yoga instructor with the New York Health and Racquet Club (where she has been teaching for over 30 years) and also works with private clients. She lives in Manhattan.

    And by the way Czech Republic is in Western Europe!!

    1. i watched the video myself just now today, and was intriged, within minute i found out who owned it and where it was located by a simple mistake on steve’s part that he didnt blur out and hide a cheque that had Dulik’s name and adress clear to see… and that how i came upon this site ;)

  2. Your note about them being actors and what follows in that paragraph are spot on. Steve Ronin is well-known for being a shameless fake and copycat. Us explorers who started long before social media do it for the authentic history, architecture, and socioeconomic aspects. It results in less views but at least it’s authentic and has integrity.

  3. I did not watch this video, but a different video exploreling this abandoned property. Even though the explorer was careful not to get personal information from mail or prescription bottles in his video a quick glimpse of a map and a very quick pan of the front porch and a pause I located the names and location of the Doctor, his (ex)wife, and the home.

    Then I google searched and found this!

    The video I watched did show only half of the house had power and where the squatters have made their beds.

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