Defective by design: Beats Fit Pro earbuds

I downgraded my failing Jabra Elite 75t earbuds to Beats Fit Pro. Yes, downgraded!

The Beats Fit Pros amplify wind noise. Above about 5 mph, wind causes a roar. Turn on noise cancellation, the wind roar gets much louder!

Beats’s website laughably claims the Fit Pro is for “athletes of all kinds” and “workouts”. Nope! Low-speed, old-man biking means deafening wind noise.

This is bad design, not my bad use. Proof: Nose facing the wind means deafening roar. Ear facing the wind, the noise stops! Huh?

Wind noise is bad when my nose faces the wind. If the ear faces the wind, the noise stops. Totally! This is defective by design, not an issue with fit or use.

Audio quality punches low. It’s less pleasing than the Jabra 75t. Bass response is much weaker.

And that Apple H1 chip? Gimmick! Compared to the older Jabra 75t, the H1 just annoys. For example, if you adjust either earbud, your music stops until you hit play again on the phone. Sorry, I’m not learning how to fondle the earbuds in a way that that resumes music. I just don’t need the music-stopping gimmick!

Skip Apple-anything for earbuds. With poorer quality, poor design, and having Apple-gimmick chips, nearly anything else is better than Apple.

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