Geolocating a mansion that’s not owned by a mafia boss and isn’t worth $8.8 million

In this video, Carter Banks (Bigbankz) tours a large home and its property:

I was able to locate it through the story line.

Carter shared a story of a plumber who was accused of murdering someone with two bullets through his head and stuffing him in the trunk in 1998. Well, guess what? A 2003 New York Post article reveals a murder matching this circumstance really happened, and the suspect was Alex Figliolia, Jr. A later NYP article that same year links Alex, Jr. with Alex, Sr. in overcharging MTA by around $10 million. The second NYP article mentions that Alex, Sr. has a 9,500 square foot Holmdel mansion. Both NYP articles allege both Figliolias have mafia connections.

While Alex, Jr. was never charged with the murder, the New York Times later reported that Alex, Jr. and his dad and mom later pled guilty to crimes related to theft from the MTA.

Carter also shared that a recent tax evasion arrest was part of the narrative. Well, guess what? Alex, Jr. was arrested and indicted on tax evasion in December 2023.

Through minimal searching, I located Alex, Sr.’s Holmdel home:

A match!

The property record (search on 105 Middletown in the Holmdel township) indicates Alex, Sr. and his wife have owned the place since 2000. It also indicates foreclosure proceedings started in 2016 and again in 2023. Zillow shows it to be in pre-foreclosure status. has impressive, 2019 photos of an apparent real-estate listing.

Carter again appears to be weaving a false narrative to sell a walk-through of an empty home. Keep in mind that Alex, Sr. is the homeowner, and Carter did not make a case that Alex, Jr., who was 50 as of his December 2023 indictment, resides in this house. Let’s review:

  • Alleged murder: FALSE. The murder allegation detailed in the New York Post was associated with Alex, Jr.
  • Previous owner was arrested on tax evasion charge: FALSE. The current owner has owned the property since 2000. It is the owner’s son who arrested on the tax-evasion charge.
  • The house will be torn down: UNLIKELY. Carter gave no clear reason why the house would be torn down. It appears to be in pre-foreclosure and still owned by Alex, Sr. It’s unlikely that a drastic change like this would be allowed given a pending foreclosure. I suspect we’re seeing a paused renovation with the minimum necessary upkeep to minimize property degradation. It is for sure not abandoned as the power is still on. The presence of a dumpster in the driveway is curious, and I am not sure what it speaks to my theory.
  • Mafia boss: FALSE. The deepest mob connection is where the New York Times alleged a vague connection. That is light years from “mafia boss”.
  • $8.8 million value: FALSE. This is a tremendous exaggeration. Monmouth County pegs the property’s value at $3.6 million. says $3.3 million. Zillow says $3.4 million. All are less than half of Carter’s alleged value.

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