Geolocating a walkthrough of a phony kidnapper’s house

In this video, Carter Banks (BigBankz) makes up another tall tale while he walks through mostly worthless leftovers of a deceased, elderly lady:

I found it! This one was harder.

First, I checked the story line, that some kidnapped girl was chained up in the basement of a house in Georgia. Such a story would be explosive, well covered. No story can be found!

Wait a second, why Georgia? Several of Carter’s videos are from Georgia, and he said it’s in the “deep south”. Also, some materials in the house suggest Atlanta area.

My first clue was this bread bag:

It identifies Publix Bakery 615. Store 615 is in Suwanee (map). While not terribly far from the house, it ended up being a red herring. There are several closer Publix stores. All it did is provide a hint that the house may be in the greater Atlanta area.

The clue most helpful to narrow down the location is this:

I could see a 680 that may be the end of a ZIP code and a 90 that may end a phone number. The top appears to be a name that ends in “ng’s” and of a company that is a “cleaners & alterations”. A little searching turned up Young’s Cleaning & Alterations in Winder, GA. The phone number and ZIP code match!

Now I needed to seek additional clues. This aerial shot helped the most:

I put arrows on interesting features. The top row of arrows shows buildings near the house. The second arrow in that row is the house. The bottom-right arrow, which points to the right, shows a power line. That, plus the face of white house and its driveway, led me to believe that a road is just outside the foreground.

If you zoom in on the white patterns on top right, you see this:

Not too far in the background is a small development.

Altogether, this suggests that the house may be in an area that’s not that rural.

Two more super important clues:

  • Two pictures back, look at the shadows. That view is likely from the evening, so the sun is likely mostly to the west. The house therefore faces east.
  • In outdoor scenes, you can hear constant drone of a freeway. Because the freeway does not appear in the above shot, the home is likely not far south of a major freeway.

Now I can fan out from Winder, GA, looking just south of major freeways for homes that fit the pattern.

As I was browsing, I saw a house with an interesting driveway. I compared it to the screenshot, then looked to its right, and there it is:

Piecing together its history is trickier than usual. What I found is it used to be the residence of Eloise H. Graham. She likely died before May 2018 as that is when her property was transferred to Ebenezer Baptist Church, likely as a bequest. Some information suggests a Robert Graham lived there previously and that he died in 2000 at around 80 years old. Given what it is in the house and the garage, Eloise probably survived Robert and lived there with others.

Given the weeds that showed in the driveway by June 2019, I think the house became vacant under church ownership:

The church sold it to one investor in March 2020, then that investor sold to another investor in April 2022.

On the “middle of nowhere” claim: False! It’s in the middle of a fairly developed area.

On Carter’s story of a chained-up, kidnapped girl in the basement: not only is there no media coverage of this incredible allegation, several video commenters mentioned that they did not see any place where someone could be chained up. That’s because there was no kidnapping! It is likely that all we’re looking at is a walkthrough of unwanted debris left behind after Eloise passed and her family vacated the home in 2018.

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