Geolocating where BigBankz slanders a family while walking through a not-abandoned not-mansion worth far less than $2 million

In this video, Carter Banks (BigBankz) walks through an empty house:

Yup, I found it. In various points in the video, you can see the street number, 3290:

3290 street number

Minimal Google searching uncovered it:

The back story is simple: Raymond H. Zimmerman lived here, and he died in 2021 at age 96. It appears he had a successful career with a defense contractor and then as an entrepreneur, was active in his church, married a person of good character, and had 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren. Astoundingly, Carter characterizes this as a “crime family”!

A pervasive theme of Carter’s videos is to build intrigue by alleging a mysterious abandonment. This house is not abandoned. It was listed as a teardown in 2021, and it was sold just a few months after Raymond’s death. Its current owner likely hasn’t gotten around to doing the teardown.

While a company named Barbara’s Rescues and Boarding is associated with the property, this company may be fictitious. A Georgia corporation search does not turn up anything, there are scant references to it online, and Carter’s walkthrough video reveals no evidence of an animal-related operation.

The property is not worth even half of Carter’s alleged $2,000,000. Cobb County appraised it at $848,920, and Zillow pegs it at $767,200.

Finally, this place is hardly a mansion. At 6000-7000 square feet, it’s a very large house, but it’s at least 1,000 square feet too small to be considered a mansion.

You just watched a snoozer of a video: a 23-minute walkthrough of a cleared-out, teardown house.

2 thoughts on “Geolocating where BigBankz slanders a family while walking through a not-abandoned not-mansion worth far less than $2 million”

  1. Hello, I’d appreciate if you stop using my name the way that you do. I don’t think you realize what revealing these locations does to them. People will find your page and go to all of these houses and destroy them. There’s a reason that I do my videos the way that i do. So people don’t come and ruin them. I’ll give it to you that you are a very intelligent person in your ability to find the smallest things to pinpoint the locations. But your average viewer will not be able to do so. There are people that watch my videos just to try to find them to vandalize and burglarize. So that’s why some stories are stretched or made up so the place can stay protected as long as possible. I hope you understand.

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