Carter Banks got the facts mostly right on a $8.1 million mansion!

Carter Banks (BigBankz) generally conveyed truthful information on a home he walked through:

Silent Hills Explorations entered this property a few days later:

I found it! The main clues where the light-colored circle drive, that the house has two 90-degree halves that rest on the circle drive, the position of a pool in the back, and a large lot.

A major clue that limited where it could be was this:

See “ALL TIME DETECTION, INC.”? That is an alarm-monitoring company in Port Chester, NY.

After spending a little time scanning neighborhoods that seem to fit the bill, peek-a-boo:

The home is indeed intended to be a teardown. It was purchased by owners who want to replace it with a different house. They applied for a demolition permit. After deliberation, the Scarsdale Committee for Historic Preservation in 2020 denied a demolition permit. Among the factors in denying demolition were that the home was designed by Julius Gregory, a noted architect for the Scarsdale, NY area.

The owners appealed to the local Board of Trustees and were again denied in 2021. They eventually won the right to demolish in a 2022 Westchester County Supreme Court. However, that board unanimously appealed the decision shortly afterwards. I do not have a read on the state of that appeal.

The story about the owner’s daughter committing suicide is true on its face, but it is not relevant to today. Also, the way Carter described it suggested that she mysteriously vanished. Rather, the New York Times conveys that she left the family’s New Hampshire vacation home one day at 10:30 AM, purchased a shotgun at 12:30 PM, and was found dead just inside the Maine border at 3 PM. Her father, the stockbroker, died of a heart attack at 54 the following year. Why this lacks much relevance: It happened over 80 years ago. The daughter died in 1941, and the father died in 1942.

Surprisingly, Carter understated the house’s value a bit! Zillow says it’s worth $8,385,600. (Check out that page! It has 2019 listing photos, showing when the house was occupied.)

What you just watched is a video of an intentionally neglected home that an owner wishes to tear down.

4 thoughts on “Carter Banks got the facts mostly right on a $8.1 million mansion!”

    1. I’ve located that one, just have not published it.

      The exterior video is of a different property. The real house is not impressive from the outside. You can tell it’s different when you compare the features of the exterior to what you can discern in the video.

      I could not substantiate the story of a pilot crashing in the back yard. I could locate no public reports of that incredible incident, a review of the family members turned up nothing, and my review of the property does not show a location where that would even be plausible.

      1. Can you send me the adress so I can view from street view I tell everyone on youtube that the story is fake, the original location is fake, and just expose that pretty much

        1. Kid if you try that house you’re going to jail. It’s alarmed and police respond quick. This is an amazing example of why this guys work causes nothing but trouble.

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