Texas’s worst speed traps

EDIT: I was interviewed on Dallas’s WFAA channel 8 for this. See the video and article at Small North Texas town tops list in speeding-ticket revenue. Also see my response to the video.

Texas Municipal Wall of Shame: the 40 most prolific speed traps, ordered by total ticket revenue per citizen.

I am not certain, but I think this covers all tickets written from 2000-2008.

Rank City 2008 population Traffic tickets % of all tickets that are traffic tickets Total ticket revenue Total ticket revenue per citizen Total tickets per citizen
1 Westlake 211 71664 81% $8,919,460 $42,272 340
2 Estelline 155 24269 88% $2,873,199 $18,537 157
3 Domino 50 2656 99% $262,660 $5,253 53
4 Montgomery 596 25523 66% $3,116,988 $5,230 43
5 Martindale 1148 44422 98% $5,496,670 $4,788 39
6 Cuney 147 4598 100% $678,847 $4,618 31
7 Palmer 2258 81653 93% $10,144,689 $4,493 36
8 Rio Vista 818 31508 95% $3,239,383 $3,960 39
9 Riesel 1013 25021 92% $3,911,628 $3,861 25
10 Patton Village 1483 52752 98% $5,570,563 $3,756 36
11 Mount Enterprise 543 16379 99% $2,023,814 $3,727 30
12 Pantego 2381 41830 53% $8,763,955 $3,681 18
13 Wilmer 3576 88731 90% $12,610,497 $3,526 25
14 Dalworthington 2412 60167 66% $8,320,636 $3,450 25
15 Lott 675 11454 85% $2,139,228 $3,169 17
16 Lavon 423 8255 85% $1,319,644 $3,120 20
17 Chillicothe 687 14420 94% $2,127,266 $3,096 21
18 Waskom 2137 48647 98% $6,604,962 $3,091 23
19 Shenandoah 2002 67581 97% $6,004,139 $2,999 34
20 Mustang Ridge 933 25329 90% $2,786,746 $2,987 27
21 Ferris 2566 46764 89% $7,591,029 $2,958 18
22 Covington 302 4192 62% $886,511 $2,935 14
23 Arcola 1230 32449 97% $3,589,616 $2,918 26
24 Northlake 2036 40651 93% $5,763,918 $2,831 20
25 Rice 980 18346 64% $2,708,749 $2,764 19
26 Zavalla 665 15499 96% $1,816,084 $2,731 23
27 Magnolia 1249 35035 86% $3,391,091 $2,715 28
28 Alvarado 4188 83348 79% $11,134,344 $2,659 20
29 Brownsboro 837 17763 91% $2,203,938 $2,633 21
30 Driscoll 802 10353 71% $2,092,793 $2,609 13
31 Rhome 1051 21390 82% $2,731,994 $2,599 20
32 Kemah 2498 45532 83% $6,421,907 $2,571 18
33 Corrigan 1872 28235 83% $4,548,346 $2,430 15
34 Coffee City 207 4566 80% $499,477 $2,413 22
35 Itasca 1696 31532 85% $4,040,627 $2,382 19
36 Eustace 925 14406 77% $2,172,573 $2,349 16
37 Rogers 1138 18659 91% $2,653,569 $2,332 16
38 Southside Place 1667 34778 80% $3,782,674 $2,269 21
39 Calvert 1358 27655 97% $3,070,273 $2,261 20
40 Selma 4632 86332 87% $10,352,606 $2,235 19

This was calculated from data from the Texas Office of Court Administration’s Trial Court Judicial Data Management System.

168 thoughts on “Texas’s worst speed traps”

  1. Wow, Westlake really does deserve the title of “Worst Speed Trap in Texas”. At $43,000 per citizen they shouldn’t have to charge any taxes for living in their city. It’s all paid for by tickets.

    Do these stats include red-light cameras?

    1. Westlake does NOT have ANY red light cameras. They only have one light in the town and it only flashes yellow. Also that light is on one of their city exit ramps. I would also guess that most of the tickets come from their main exit off of the freeway. Why a city with only one main exit feels the need to patrol that one ramp so much is beyond me. Also it is where 114 goes from 3 lanes to 2, so people accelerate to switch lanes, and the cop is there almost every day.
      One other note. There is no city property tax for the residents of Westlake. There are some large companies in the city that pay most of their tax revenue. Also it is a VERY wealthy area. Home of Jonas Brother, Tim Bradshaw, Tommy Bahama, and many more.

      1. Actually Westlake Tx. DOES have red light cameras. Be very careful. They just opened a new road, Precinct Line, and instead of new speed warnings, they just hire Keller motorcycle police to hide and ticket everyone on the street. I’m used to seeing a city set out information signs for about a week, showing new routes, future speeds, etc. Why can’t we treat people like…..they’re people?

  2. Aren,

    I saw the story about your stats tonight on the local news and wanted to share an experience with Westlake. I really don’t want to post it in open forum as of now but how can I contact you?

  3. It’s not the Westlake that is next to Austin? If you want to talk about a place where you don’t speed if you don’t live there… I was harassed by the police there because I had pulled off of the road to fix a contact lens that was misbehaving.
    And, why am I not in the least surprised that Selma is on this list? They did get in a bit of trouble for this kind of thing quite a while back. Growing up, we all knew to be careful when going between Austin and S.A.when you approached Selma because you would get pulled over in Selma (whether you were speeding or not).

  4. It should make another interesting statistic to see the size of the police departments in some of those towns. in other words; how many tickets per cop per day.

  5. Martindale, Texas shouldbe #1, period. They have been known for nothing else since I was in High School, 30 years ago. Even then, when going to Sasn Marcos on dates, it was “watch out for the speed trap in Martindale”….

  6. SHOCKER! Selma is number 2 for most tickets issued on this list! Does anyone remember Kindleton? They got shut down for being crooked like Selma needs to!!

  7. leon valley tx should be on this list they are worst i have seen in san antonio in the past 2 yrs. God help you if you travel through that city..

  8. I am really concerned that everytime someone is pulled over it is a “SPEED TRAP”. Here is a thought from one to another. If you don’t speed then you won’t get a ticket for speeding. If your registration is current, you wont receive a citatatoin for expired MVR. If your inspection is current, you will not receive a citation for no MVI. If your insurance is current, you will not receive a citation for failure to maintain financial responsability. These are just a few examples of things i hear complaints about on a near daily basis. In other words; if you are doing what you are supposed to then there is nothing to worry about. Drive safe and stay alert.

    1. Doesn’t always work like that. I was pulled over in Estelline for going 70 when I was really going 55. The cop said “Well, you can always come all the way back out here to contest it.” Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

    2. There are actually TRUE SPEED TRAPS and they are actually illegal.

      According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) – Common Examples are: Sign is hidden behind bush or obscured some way. Wrong speed limit or an abrupt speed change without warning. Sign is posted too low. Sign is too far away. Road markings or lines are not clear, confusing or placed in the wrong location. ALL STATES MUST COMPLY!!!! or they get NO federal funding!

      Case in point, in the 2500 block of MUSTANG DRIVE in GRAPEVINE TEXAS, the speed limit changes from 40 mph to 35 mph on a downhill wide curved slope. A cop is usually sitting at the bottom of the hill to give tickets. Even if the 35mph sign wasnt obstructed by a tree, it is impossible to slow to 35 by just taking your foot off of the accelerator. If they really wanted to enforce safety, they could easily put up a 35 mph sign well before the slope, or yellow signs that indicated a critical speed area…..but instead they are out for revenue.

      I wish these obusive practices could be thwarted by being able to sue cities for these practices.

    3. That is not always true. If you do not believe me try driving through Alvarado, Texas in a commercial vehicle, I dare you.

    4. Ray you are an idiot so why dont you shut up? This forum is for people that feel they have been wrongly persecuted. I have had 2 occasions where I had the cruise control on and was pulled over and written a ticket for a speeding when I wasn’t. People that are speeding dont go online and post stuff like this… If more than a few people have made the same accusations I am sure there is something more to it.

    5. Thank you Officer Ray! You words are just SO wise. In my experience, from people I personally know, cops are the WORST offenders when it comes to speeding (in their off duty lives), but WHEN they get pulled over, they flash their little badges and get to go scott free on their merry little way… the hypocrites!! Just admit it, officer Ray…you are generating revenue for your city…it really has nothing at all to do with public safety…otherwise, you would give a warning, instead of a $200 ticket, to someone going 3 miles an hour over the speed limit. What a JOKE!!!

    6. I have a witness that was with me that knows the speed I was going was BELOW the posted speed limit. I asked to see the radar gun and the cop, with as much hate as he could muster, told me I could come back to fight the ticket and see the gun then. I knew he did not have a radar gun on me because if he did, it would have shown I was going below the speed limit. But how am I to take off work for a whole day and spend the gas to drive back down just to fight the ticket? The system is set up against us, and the police know it. Even if you try to fight it, who is the judge going to side with – me, a hard-working man from out of town or the cop, who he works with everyday and who basically pays his salary by giving out tickets. It’s a crooked system, and someone needs to stand up for the little guys.

    7. Well, Mr Self Righteous…
      When the speed limit drops by 10 mph and the cop is hovering there 1 foot past the line and you cannot even close down the speed limit most people would consider that to be at speed trap. When the speed limit drops by 10 mph and the cop is hovering there1 foot past the line and you cannot even coast down to the speed limit most people would consider that to be at speed trap.

  9. Selma is very bad and the traffic approaching there is even worse going both directions because everyone is braking trying to go under the speed limit and that area of town is just booming econmically so there is quite a heavy amount of traffic as well but honestly Leon Valley should be on that list I know cause I live there. Every morning between 7:00am -9:00am you will see a unmarked black car in the carwash parking lot aimed at the bottom of a huge hill or they will be up Wurzbach in the center lane with a blinker on. DO NOT go over 30mph.!!!!

    1. How do we avoid them? You expect me to drive 30 miles out of my way to avoid it, when I have worked all week and am tired and barely have the money to pay my bills, much less the extra gas to avoid all these speed traps? And it seems there are so many speed traps that you’re eventually going to come across one no matter which route you take. Slowing people down to keep them from speeding is one thing, but setting people up to fail just so you can make some extra money for your town is completely another. Can you imagine how sad the founding fathers would be of the mess we’ve made of this once great country?

  10. I truly appreciate this research and ask that you do a follow-up in a year. It seems that your list has inspired local PDs to enhance their enforcement, seeing that is pays so well. I also am curious if you were able to determine how much the actual fine is versus the court costs. Our local news (WOAI) did a follow up and noted that 95% (?) goes to the state but i do not believe this includes the court cost. I think each locality keeps their court costs in house and they all seem to charge something different.

    Thanks for the great report!

    1. State law says traffic fines are between $1 and $200, but there’s all sorts of ifs, ands, and buts. Court costs are lopped on top of the fine.

      Cities can keep an amount up somewhere around 30% of the prior year’s total revenue (minus things like federal grants) in ticket fines, then after that they can only keep $1 from each ticket. If I understand the law correctly, they still get to retain all court fees, so even after they turn in fines to the state, massive ticket writing might still be lucrative.

  11. Some how Hitchcock, Tx is not on this list. It as just as bad as Selma. I have lived near both and both suck. Hitchcock doesn’t care if you live there or not. Everyone gets a ticket.

  12. Lampasas is trying to catch up. When you turn onto 281 from 183, if you look up to check the light, you will miss the 35 m.p.h. sign. They have really put more officers on the highways. Times are tough for small towns and you’re an easy target. Fines are very stiff. Lampasas charges you a “tax” instead of court fees. I would love to hear what the state has to say about this “tax”. I used to work for a city as CFO and the only way we could hit travelers with a tax was by way of the sales tax. Anyway, its a $94 tax.

    1. Lampasas, Texas police department is one of most corrupt in Texas. Recently they have set their red lights to catch people at almost every intersection. Two days ago we were coming south on 281 in town. We passed through a yellow light. A few blocks later we were pulled over by a policeman who claimed my husband had run a red light. I emphatically told this officer my husband does not run red lights. The officer claimed he had video. The ticket is $257 and since we are both unemployed, we do not have that kind of money for the parasites in local government. We went back to Lampasas and timed the light at that intersection. The yellow light lasted two, that’s right, two seconds. This is an entrapment light set and designed for the cops to give lots of tickets because people can’t pay their property taxes. It also can cause fatal accidents from people having to slam on their brakes. Do the math. If you are near the light when it turns yellow, you just cannot stop in time, not even at thirty miles an hour. Also, we were warned that Lampasas cops, having nothing better to do, stop you and give you tickets if you are going LESS than the speed limit! So it is needful to go at least the speed limit or a mile or two faster to avoid cop harassment. We do intend to fight this ticket through the court system, ask for a jury trial, produce evidence of the entrapment settings, history of crooked cops in Lampasas, Texas, etc. Oh, by the way, even if you lose in court, you can always go down to Austin and put commercial liens on the officer who gave you the ticket, the judge, city attorney, etc. and all officials involved. Once their own personal pockets start hurting, maybe they will quit this predatory and parasitical behavior and turn honest and useful to society for a change! At least we can hope, right?

      1. My understanding is something like 3 seconds is the bare minimum allowed by law for 30 mph streets. So unless there is something I am not aware of, Lampassas has an illegally short yellow, and the ticket should not stand.

        How would you put a commercial lien against the officials? I don’t understand that.

        1. I myself just got popped at intersection of 4th and Key in Lampasass (35 mph zone). I saw it turn yellow but new I was going to be clear before red. Unfortunately I was wrong because it was a 2.5 second yellow light!!!! Local law enforcement sits in store parking lot across from intersection and feeds on the travelers. I told him I had never seen such a short yellow. He said “Yeah, we have a lot of trouble with that intersection”. I said, “By trouble you mean you write a lot of tickets?” He smiled and said, “yeah”. I turned right around after receiving my $257.00 ticket, went back and videoed the light for a few minutes. A few minutes into filming the officer pulled back into his poaching spot to wait for the next victim. I got it on video! Later timing of video of light showed 2.4 – 2.7 seconds on every cycle depending on my reaction time with stop watch. Is this not entrapment? Does TxDot actually have minimum duration times? I can’t find them.

          1. I’m pretty sure that’s an illegally short yellow. My understanding is 3 seconds is the bare minimum allowable yellow if the speed limit is 30 mph and the conditions are ideal (e.g., intersection is not really long). 35 MPH may mean it needs even more than 3 seconds. If it’s less than 3 seconds, seems like you have a good case. I’d contact a traffic attorney on this one.

      2. The best thing an honest citizen can do is fight the ticket and ask for a jury trial. The city loses money on jury trials and if enough of us could fight dishonest tickets, the cops would think twice about trying to entrap people. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that. Most of us are working so many hours per week (those lucky enough to have jobs, that is) that we cannot even think of taking off the time from work to fight the ticket, much less pay the extra gas to get back to the town that issued the ticket. God bless you for doing your part, though! I pray you win!

    2. The police are for sure corrupt. They targeted my husband. We were born and raised here. Moved to Colorado are cannabis advocates and come home to visit and get pounded by the police. I went to school with a sergeant of the force and his wife. There child got cancer and I had to reach out to her to give her information I wish I had had about Cannabis when my husband and mine son had cancer and died. I believe this started the sergeant war against my husband. Why not me I don’t understand. These police here are corrupt and we need all the help we can get to get our story out there and find someone a lawyer or lawyers to help us in our civil suit against this town.

  13. The small town boys have a NEW raquet call Deffered Adjudication. In Corrigan, if you pay the ticket it DOES NOT go on your record. So apparently the STATE is ONLY getting PART of the money. Have SEEN this for some time now.


  14. Temple Tx. is a notorious place for speed traps. Lots of boggus tickets in “work zones”, etc.
    Also Franklin is a really bad speed trap. Franklin is jokingly called the “capital” of Booger County. Crooked place at all levels. Watch these two towns.

    1. Amen. I HATE TEMPLE – that town SUCKS!! About the only people who know how to write at all are the poilice, that’s how stupid they all are!

      1. I got pulled over by a big fat slob with a bullet proof vest (probably just using it to hold all the lard in). He was parked on an embankment sitting on his motorcycle WITH THE LAST CAR HE PULLED OVER STILL TRYING TO GET BACK ON THE ROAD when he supposedly clocked me at 76 in a 60 (Hwy 36). Anyway I hope he wipes out next time he pulls a stun like clocking someone WHEN HE IS NOT EVEN ON THE F*ING HWY TO BEGIN WITH. Temple is FULL of DUMBASSES I assure you!

    2. I agree Temple sucks. I dealth with a boy fresh off the teet as they say. He pulled me over stating I was going 57 in a 30 but he didn’t say 30 and my GPS said it was 45. Now I will have to wait for a warrant because I can’t afford 2 1/2 weeks pay for a boy who needed a fries with his shake. I even called his boss and he wouldn’t answer or call me back.

  15. Interesting to see this blog on the subject of speed traps in Texas because my husband was pulled over as he was entering Driscoll on 77. The speed sign before entry into the town read 70 for day and 65 at night. There aren’t any traffic signs warning of a drastic drop in speed limit and from the time you see the 70 speed limit sign, you see the Driscoll city sign with a 40 mph sign right after it and of course a Driscoll police officer waiting in his patrol car on the exact opposite side of the road from the too close together mph traffic signs. By the time my husband was able to slow down because of the sudden and fast expectation to change speed, the officer clocked my husband going 60 in a 40 mph zone. Um, he was slowing from 70/ decelerating and that’s why it was 60. If there was signage displaying the fact that there is an expectation of a significant speed drop, than I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have gotten the ticket. This is his first speeding ticket in 17 years. I find it interesting that as we were leaving, we saw the same officer turn around and park back at the side of the road across the 40 mph sign. There are speed traps when you are expected to decelerate in an unreasonable amount of time with speed signs that have drastically different mph posted too damn close together. The way the signs are posted shows that a driver is subjected to an abrupt change in speed.

    1. I just checked Street View on Google Maps, and it shows reduced speed zones entering Driscoll on both the north and southbound approaches of US 77. If you can find that these speed zone signs were removed since Google took those pictures, you may have a point because signs are generally supposed to advise you of large speed drops in advance.

      1. Thanks. I’d like to find out the dates of when google posted those pictures with the warning speed limit signs because my travelling was this past week and I did not see such signs. I would honestly hate to think such warning signs were removed for any reason.

        1. I was recently pulled over in Driscoll Texas at night time traveling East on FM 665 towards US Hwy 77, the highway speed limit is 70day/65night and has a dramatic drop off in speed to 55 mph and then to 45 mph within a short distance as you head into the main intersection of town. There are definitely no signs before the 55 mph sign to forewarn you about the drop in speed, and to make it worse the police officer dangerously lit me up before I passed him and blinded me by aiming his headlights into my field of vision before he pulled me over. I could have driven off the road with this tactic. Also, I cannot see how he could determine at what point I crossed the 55 mph sign over the limit if he was positioned on the opposite side of the road behind the 55mps sign. As close as he was to the 55mph sign aiming his radar gun directly at me coming in from a 70mph speed zone of course it would appear I was going over the limit. Do you think I would have a chance of getting this ticket dismissed?

  16. I live in a town adjacent to the Westlake “speed trap” (Trophy Club) and found your blog by googling info about Westlake ticketing. I have a few purposes in my quire:
    1. Can I obtain information from Westlake on the number of traffic tickets issued to Trophy Club residents? If so, how?
    2. Any recommendations on how to approach Trophy Club regarding posting a “speed trap” notice at entrances onto Westlake patrolled area?
    Thanks for the interesting blogs,

  17. Its an income generator. I realize I’m ultimately responsible for keeping my registration updated. In this economy, I had been unemployed for almost a year. As a result, I’ve lived in several different places trying to survive while finding a job. I finally found one less than a month ago and just moved into this area less than a week ago because of my job. My registration just expired last month(15 days ago) and I really didn’t realize it. After getting my ticket today, I drove straight to the tax collectors office where I paid them a $10 late fee as well as the price of registration. Then drove right back to the court house and tried to see if they would dismiss it. I was there less than an hour after getting the ticket and they will dismiss it, for a fee of $20. The officer knew I had changed residence and that I had been unemployed and that I was going to be driving straight there to update it. If they weren’t after income, I’d think there could be some cases where a warning could be issued rather than just taking income. Its not like I got the notice and ignored it or that it was so late that I should have noticed by now. Its just income to them and that is sad. Seeing the numbers for them makes me realize, this isn’t the place I’ll stay. My job is in Grapevine anyway, so I’ll be moving out of here very soon.

    1. If you were local, they would likely issue you a warning. I accidentally let my registration go a couple of weeks over a few years ago in my local town and the officer gave me a warning and a smile. The very same day – before I had time to take care of it – another police officer in another town stopped me for it. I told him about the warning and that I was going to take care of it as soon as I got home, but he issued me a ticket. The only excuse he could have had was just to get that extra $20 from me. A disgrace to the uniform!

  18. Today I am paying a ticket to Martindale that I received 6 years ago while attending college in San Marcos. I had refused to pay the ticket, not because I couldn’t afford it, but because I wholeheartedly felt it was unlawfully given to me. On 02/06/2005, there was no advanced notice of a speed limit change on Hwy 80. Martindale police stage themselves at the bottom of a hill behind a group of trees and clock people as they come over the hill and cross the line where the speed suddenly drops from 70 to 55. I was clocked at 3 miles over the speed limit. The ticket is now costing me $854.00!!!!!! This fee is not even reasonable!!!! I am paying this today because I need to renew my license and they would not renew it until it is paid in full. I called the City of Martindale and was treated rudely and indignitly. The judge is a lousy witch who only works 2 days a week and demands that people take off from work, drive to their obscure little town and appear before her in person. What a load of crap!!! Like I said I’m paying, but then I’m handing this matter over to my attorney. STAT AWAY FROM MARTINDALE!! There are other routes aound that town.

    1. Texas has a 2 year statute of limitations on traffic tickets and class “C” misdemeanors, which means the city must file a complaint within 2 years of issuing of the citation.

  19. Going down to College Station with my 18 year old daughter who begged me to let her drive our new Camry, (vs the old van we have) & ended up pulled over on I-45 in Wilmer, TX. I had been a “front seat driver” all the way from Allen through Dallas. When we saw lights behind I said, “Is it an ambulance”? She said, “No mom, we’re getting pulled over!” Turns out the police officer gives her a ticket for 89 in a 60!!! As he walked back to his patrol car I said,” are you kidding me!?! NO WAY! I was watching her speed! But, there is no way I’m getting out of the car at that point. She admittedly was speeding, since the limit dropped to 60 mph, but no way 89!!! Maybe 75 at the most! How ironic that if she were going 30 over (90 mph she could be taken to jail) and above 25 mph over the speed limit she is not eligible to take defensive driving. Thus we are left to pay the MAXIMUM fine at 29 miles over the speed limit! Are you freaking kidding me?!!?We are going to fight it, but I’m not holding my breath. Any input re: Wilmer’s speed trap and prior resolutions/ challenges? Apparently Wilmer is know for it’s “kangaroo court”. And is #13 for Texas worst speed traps by WFAA Chanel 8 News!

    1. One of the things I learned driving all over central and West Texas was to keep it to the speed limit. Going over even a little is asking for it. I also learned to maintain GPS tracking data on my vehicle. There are multiple devices that track the your vehicle operation and having this might reduce the fine/points. It also provides physical evidence that the LEO was mistaken (or just flat-out lied).

      As will all groups, there are always bad apples. When it comes to an LEO, I think we need to have mandatory sentencing for those who violate civil rights. Loss of job for lying on a traffic citation and public apology to victim. 5 years of prison if their actions cause a person to spend even one moment detained. 20 years if the person ends up in jail due to the officer’s testimony that are later found to be false. Add on more if you like.

      1. Aren Cambre…We need your help. Our hands are tied. The citizens of Estelline are victims of official oppression and abuse of office by the elected officials…e.g. Mayor and three City Council Members. Those that speak up and speak out are targeted with all kinds of harassment, stalking, phone hang ups, trash thrown in yard, animals half dead thrown in driveway. e.t.c.

        Lieutenant Brian Bresenski with the Texas Rangers has made an interesting statement.

        “An investigation of public elected officials must be recommended by the District Attorney”

        Luke M. Inman 100th Judicial District Attorney’s Office 800 West Avenue, Box 1. Wellington, Texas 79095. Phone: (806) 447-0055 Fax: (866) 233-2738
        (Term Ends December 2012)

        This town has received federal funding and works out of two FEMA trailers.
        It appears Federal Funding is being redirected.

        Why would this town of less than 200 people owe $600,000 to the State for
        unpaid traffic fine revenue due to the state under the 1975 speed trap law.

        Why would this town build ‘Estelline Outdoor Association’ funded by the city of Estelline.

        Why would this town sub-contract the neighboring city of Memphis, Texas for waste/refuse collection on Thursdays?

        Why would one over hear a City Council Member instruct the One Man Police Force to…
        “Get out there and make me some MONEY”

        Why has the City seen an alarming number of Police Officers come and go???

        Why is the City Council having regular unannounced ’emergency’ meetings????

        Why does it cost over a $100,000 per year to run a one man police force???

        Why is the only police vehicle missing it’s original equipment???
        (Overhead Light Bar Removed and given to Sheriffs Department)

        Why is a City Council Member using the City Police Vehicle to run out of town errands???

        Why are City Council members using their credit card to purchase city equipment/material and then being reimbursed???

        Why would City Employees burn previous court records and reports???

        Why are City Council members running the Police Department and going as far as listing the Mayor and a City Council member as..get this…POLICE COMMISSIONERS…That’s right a one man police force with two Police Commissioners..TCLEOSE in Austin approves this for a 12 month period. After which a Law Enforcement Education and Training including PASSING the state TCLEOSE exam

        In other words one must be a licensed Law Enforcement Officer to be in Texas Law Enforcement.

        Money…Lots and Lots of Money is going other places beside the ‘CITY’

        Please help us expose this abuse and corruption. An investigative report is desperately needed. The list goes on and on and on.

        Estelline, Texas has a total area of 0.7 square miles all of it land and operates a one person police force to fill city coffers.

      2. Good luck getting that passed in Texas. I agree with you 100% on what you state and think it would be a great law to have, but most people in our great state support the LEOs blindly.

  20. ROGERS, TX calls itself the Speed Trap Capital of Texas. Justice of the Peace GW Ivey is a biased judge in my opinion. GW Ivey has gone so far as to not allow people to introduce evidence to defend themselves. Boycott Rogers, TX.

    1. If you can’t boycott Rogers, do what we do. We don’t purchase anything, no gas, no snacks, no meals. In fact, we don’t stop there.

  21. I was coming from Blum going through Rio Vista forgot to slow down from the 70 MPR to the 55MPR drop where there is no warning to slow down to 55, but they got me doing 70 in a 55 inJune of 2010? Learned my lesson!!!!!!!!!1

  22. I just glanced through the blog and I have a couple of questions. Our local government has decided the police force should pay for itself through traffic enforcement and you can’t enter our town of around 1,200 without seeing the red and blue lights any more. First, do you know on average what percent of a cities budget in Texas come from traffic fines? Or where can I find real numbers for that? Second, do you know of any information I could lay my hands on whether it usually improoves or harms a city in any way when they have overly aggressive traffic enforcement. Nolanville (outside Ft Hood) was once netorious for speed traps, until finally the General in charge of Ft Hood declared Nolanville off limits to all military personell and there tactics ended. I’m going to try to use the political and if nessicary the legal system to change our local policies and would appreciate an info.

  23. We are a tiny little wide spot in the road, who had two full time offeicers and another part time officer until a few months ago. Everone knew those cops and if you acted silly or reckless in town, they would write you up, but if you had a kid who was acting up, they would often just pick up the phone and call the parents, or drop by and tell them they needed to get Jr. in line. I was stopped a couple of years ago when I unintentionally came into to town a little fast, and they knew I didn’t speed as a rule and just told me to pa attention and slow down. When they did set up a radar they sat on the shoulder with their parking lights on, more to show that they were there and get people to slow down rather than to issue tickets. The city counsil basically got rid of them all at once and hired a new bunch, who seem do little else but issue tickets, and show up in municiple court. They park off the road, lights off, and you can hardly pass through town at night without seeing red and blue lights. It seems to me it’s a dangerous thing when a city uses their police force as a source of revenue. Cops are not stupid, and like any other government agency they want their department to grow, where there are more people under them and thus more that will be let go before them. If they know as they do, that the city is counting on them to bring in enough for their salaries, then next time raisies are mentioned they just write more tickets. It just seems like a dirty little way to get money from people when the state has already added their points system to extract money from us and as a professional driver I want to try to end it. BTW Eustace is on your list above and I have a citation I am fighting there. They have had the speed limit signs wrongly placed there for a few years, and I wish people who have gotten tickets there would ban together and go to court to try to have all their fines returned, because they were baseing the fines on speed limits that should have been 5 mph faster.

  24. I received a citation in Texline, Texas on May 8, 2012 while traveling on US87. I was going 37, the posted speed limit was 35, but I was in a school zone. A school zone that was not well marked, no school in sight – I drove around town to find the school and it was 2 blocks from the highway. My speed (17 over the school zone) put me in a higher fine bracket, which was nicely charted out on a FLYER that the marshall gave me with my ticket. No where on the ticket itself was the fine amount. The Marshall did not ask where we were going, or explain the ticket. He barely waited long enough for me to find my insurance & registration; he couldn’t wait to be done with me and get back to his post!

    Mr Cambre, What are the “rules” for school zones such as time of day they are in effect and how far from the school they can exist?

    Giving me, an out-of-stater traveling through one time, a ticket is not going to help the safety of the children in Texline. I mentioned this to the court clerk and she said “it will because the money from your ticket will allow us to have more brochures and information about safety in school zones” !?!? What? How many brochures does it take to let everyone in a town of 600 know where the school zone is?

    1. I forgot to say…my total ticket is a whopping $445! And I was traveling through at 12:23 p.m…not a normal school start or end time.

      1. Sorry, it seems fishy, but I really don’t know much about the specifics on school zones. You may want to hire an attorney to help you defend your ticket. Especially for an expensive ticket like this, you may want to consult with an attorney. For traffic tickets, they can sometimes be inexpensive enough to reduce your net ticket cost.

      2. This comment is a bit late and I’m sure you have gotten this cleared up by now, but I personally I NEVER seen a school zone speed limit in effect at 12:23pm. All school zones I have seen are only active from the earliest 7am to latest 9:30am, and again in the afternoon earliest I’ve seen was 2pm to latest 4:30pm. 12:23pm is not a time a school zone should be active.
        Just my two cents. :)

  25. I received a ticket in Cameron Texas a few weeks back for going 47 in a 30 mile zone. When I questioned as to if he was sure his reply was, ” Yes Maam, you I clocked you at going 47 as you were going around the curve. When I went back through the town the following week I decided to check the speed limit because I know not to speed going through our anywhere near this town and the speed limit was actully 45 which is a big difference as far as a ticket is concerned. I have deicided to appear before the judge. Any suggestions???

    1. I dealt with a corrupt officer there. I took it to court and was found guilty in the kangaroo court. Appealed to county court who dismissed the whole thing. Very crooked cops here!

  26. Does any one know about the ( small ) city of Diboll Texas. Big Speed trap. and red light cameras. It is suppose to be the new hwy 69 corridore from Houston the Texarkana Texas…Alots of Speed traps.

  27. I read all this with a great deal of interest. I would like to say right off that I am a retired Chief of Police and a retired Special Agent just so that you will know that I did not fall off a turnip truck if you know what I mean by that remark. I wish to make a few comments. I am now scared to death of policeman and yes I do mean cops. That being said you are directing your anger at the wrong people and that you should be directing your anger at the politician. Namely the City Councils, County Commissioners, State Representatives, Congress and the Senate. Have you noticed since God has been taken out of our schools and the Ten Commandments out of our Court Houses that Law Enforcement has become a business of making money? The prisons are now the manufacturing companies and need cheap labor. There are more people in prison in the United States than in all the rest of the world I bet. They have even taken “To Protect and To Serve” off of a lot of Police Cars around Texas. Ever wonder why they take light bars off the top of police cars and put lights inside the grill and I am not talking about detectives either? Some departments even have taken the signs off the doors in some places. Ever wonder why? Law Enforcement Agencies and Police Departments have become little Kingdoms in various places in Texas and the Police Chief is not the King either. It is the City Council. I spent every minute of every day as a Police Chief fighting the City Council. They say “Pay your way” or “Catching burglars does not bring in any money to the city”. Do you think all these policies are the ideas of police officers? No! They for the most of them are just like you and are trying to keep their jobs to feed their families. It is the crooks or wanabees born with silver spoons in their mouths that just would not be anything without Daddy’s money and grow up and want to be Kings of their own little Kingdoms and become Councilmen sometimes. Also the crooks and people that are money hungry become Councilmen so they can make ordinances that benifit themselves or business sometimes. They are the ones that put the pressure on the cops. Oh I admit that not all cops are good and some are bad and not all councilmen are bad and some are good, but the ones that are bad make it hard not only on you, but us honest cops too. Now think about this. What makes bad cops and bad councilmen? Taking God out of schools and the Ten Commandments out of Court Houses is a good start. If kids are not raised with God and God’s Laws to make them good citizens then they grow up without them and put quotos on good cops to make them more money for their little kingdom so they will have more money to spend on what they want in their little Kingdom where they are the Kings making the rules. Now for the really bad news. The Feds are giving all law enforcement agencies grant money to buy new digital radio systems that eventually will enable all law enforcement agencies to communicate with each other and take orders from the Department of Homeland Security all the way down to the “One man police department”. Think about that. Then grant money for helmets, bullet proof vests, armored personel carriers, armored cars and even tanks in some cases. Think about that too. When they come for your guns and they will, remember it is the politician who is behind it. Not the cops and the soldiers. The slimy crooked Communist politicians that spend eight hours a day five days a week and fifty two weeks a year thinking up what they can do to you or how to rob you better without guns. They are guilty for doing it or doing nothing about it. Mark my word. Speed Traps will end up being the least of your troubles.

  28. To Floyd above–We are in a new era as far as cops are concerned. The situation changed on January 1 of this year when the NDAA law was signed. The cops now gather all kinds of information about ordinary citizens and report it onto high to at least one of several powerful computers that digest this info and other stuff it knows about you like where all you bank accounts are at and where you go by tracking your vehicle, etc, etc. The the computer decides if you are somekind of “threat” and it (the computer, not a person) reports you to the local cops to go “get you”. This is a new era of a natiionalized, federalized, militarized police force. This situation is going to be very dangerous for ordinary citizens. And what are the cops doing to try to prevent this?? They are doing NOTHING Floyd! Traffic ticketing is just a small part of the overall plan to gather info. If you get a ticket, the powerful computer on high knows it in a few minutes!
    And you are right that the local junta is all controlling, locally. We have a particularly bad and dangerous junta in Booger County Tx. Do not trust cops at all now-a-days. They are dangerous!

  29. Live Oak isn’t the best county in Texas. I was coming back from the Rio Grande Valley in George West to a northern state. After stopping for a red light I proceeded straight ahead. Traffic was considered Med but I had a semi to the right of me and an oncoming semi which blocked my view of apparent school signs flashing indicating 20 mph. I was going 31 and following a SUV. My ticket is going to cost me $178. Texas sure knows how to make money. Coming into George West there are quite a few speed reductions so be cautious. What the hell are you suppose to do if a semi blocks your view. I am not a speeder as I always do the speed limit unless its 75 and then I drive 71. No breaks for a out of stater that is not familiar with the area but is driving very careful. Maybe next year I will give my business to a different southern state. Thanks Texas

    1. Sounds like you were targeted. Typical crooked cop & local junta in Texas. My suggestion is stay away from Tx. Do not spend any money here—maybe someday they will learn what they are doing.

  30. Not only is Waskom bad for speeders .I received a ticket for running a stop sign , My wife and I knowing i stopped went to court .I wanted the jury to see the video.The video showed me not only running it but not even slowing down . I am still not sure how the video was altered , I am interested in anyone having the same experience .

  31. I don’t understand why Oak Ridge North is not on the list?
    Every one know in the area has recieved a ticket from them.

    I have always thought they support there giant police force with the revenue from

  32. Twice I have been pulled over in the last 12 months and the officer gave a bogus PC. One was driving with brights on. The other was something about a license plate. Most of the time it is just an illegal means to stop some one late at night to look for alcohol or drugs. Neither is a problem here but I do hate the infringement of the right to privacy we are suppose to have. I have come to not trust small town pigs that go fishing like that.
    Too bad for the good cops out there, but that’s the way it is.
    There are enough cars out there with legitimate probable cause issues that you don’t have to pull me over.
    Live to close to Pantego and Dalworthingtongardens

  33. Driscoll, Texas is a horrendous speed trap. I have never received a speeding ticket in many years of driving. I just received an exceedingly bogus one in Driscoll. The officer was ruder to me than any other human being has ever been in my life. Deliberately targeting out of state drivers who don’t have an opportunity to contest bogus charges. Avoid Driscoll!

    1. Being from out of state I don’t plan on spending my winters in Texas due to a screw job in Feb. Not sure that any state is safe, but I don’t plan on spending any more money in Texas. If Texas sees a downturn in tourism maybe they will get the hint.

  34. I’ve heard that in Texas there is a law called “The Lavon Law”, referring to Lavon, TX where at one time a majority of the city budget was gained from speeding tickets. The story is that this law prohibits any municipality from getting more than 10% of its budget from speeding tickets. Do you have any information about that? Thanks

    1. Down in Houston, it was called the Iowa Colony law. But yes, there is an anti-speed trap law. It limits cities with less than 5,000 population to earning only 30% of their prior year’s revenue with traffic tickets. This depends on the honesty of the city in reporting their tickets and revenues to the state. Plus, as it is a % of prior year’s revenue, a city can gradually grow this revenue number to permit larger and larger takes from traffic tickets.

      I got colossal resistance from Wilmer, TX and Ferris, TX in getting information on their traffic tickets even though they have electronic records. It begs the question on what they are hiding.

      1. How can I follow up on requests for this from Itasca? I’d love to send in written requests and then see if they actually respond.

  35. My husband just got a ticket in Driscoll, TX, early Sept. 2013. Cops now have a new tactic in addition to the speed trap and significant drop in speed from 70 to 40. Heading north bound on 77 we stopped at a red light, corner of Hwy 77 and Circle Drive. Light turns green and we slowly accelerate (40 mph speed). Across the street from us on the right side we saw a police car parked in an empty lot with the yellow/blue lights. We had actually seen the lights from afar so we knew to be extra cautious. This cop car was clearly not on the street, nor shoulder. Cop was parked in an empty corner lot. As soon as we passed the cop car to our left, we were followed then pulled over and cited for “failing to yield right-of-way to a Service vehicle”. So, this parked cop car at an empty parking corner lot is now a “service vehicle” and required us to “yield”. WTH???? Cop also gave us a warning for having a cell phone on the dash which we were using as a hands-free device. Since when is that illegal? When cop finished giving us the citation, cop proceeded to re-park at the same corner lot with the same yellow/blue lights to catch the next poor soul for “failing to yield right-of-way to a service vehicle”… that is such bull crap! $314.37 fine.

  36. I am on a mission to stop this BS in Texas…this is just wrong.
    I think if these towns have to resort to these sort of traps to build their coffers, they should be shut down and be forced to have legitimate fund raisers to get money or just close their town. They are bottom feeders that suck off the unsuspecting traveler to fill their bellys. I am outraged and have been…but the nail in the coffin was a tkt I received for going 12 mph over the speed limit (the officer (and I use that term loosely) gave me…I WAS NOT SPEEDING. I will leave this comment and maybe it will help me diffuse my temper before I start on this journey to make a little noise in the city halls of my beloved State of Texas.

  37. Good luck Kay above. But you need to know that the politicians in Austin are all a part of the local juntas that are scaming the peasants with these fake tickets. The politicians want it the way it is.

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