Media attention on speed traps

I am amazed at how much media attention my speed trap article is getting (original article, follow up article).

First WFAA, Dallas, TX’s ABC affiliate interviews me.

Then a major Texas city newspaper interviews me (but as of yet hasn’t published anything).

Then I hear the Houston, TX CBS affiliate played the WFAA piece.

Then I get a call from a well-known national-scope newspaper asking for an interview. I discussed with the reporter, and we agree not to do an article for now. The reason is that my prospective doctorate research is on related subjects, and this speed trap piece is hardly serious research. I don’t want to discuss my doctorate research with anyone in the news until I have publishable data, so because of that we agreed to wait to review anything until then.

Then just now I got a call from an international radio network and am scheduled to do an interview tonight. (I’ll reveal the name if they air it.) [EDIT: It was the BBC World Service. More info and a the interview.]


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  1. I was nailed in a fraudulent ‘school zone’ speed trap in Texline, Texas on Oct. 29, 2012.

    I would surely appreciate any information you might have, concerning tickets issues in Texline, or any other information available that would support my complaint to the Texas Rangers who handle public corruption in Texas.

    First they [ Karen ] wanted to pass me off to the ‘district attorney of Dalham County wherein Texline reside. When I suggested that the county might be involved in the scam with Texline, for which I currently have no evidence, she then referred me to Ranger Ditto who resides in the area. I am in the process of contacting him now.

    If you are interested, I’ll copy below my report which I posted on “The National Speed Trap Exchange,”


    On March 29, 2012 entered the town of Texline on Hwy 87 going east. Had noted that the speed limit signs decreased very quickly so made sure I matched the correct speed in advance of each sign. On leaving town, east side, was pulled over by city marshall. Very cordial. After checking with the computer, my license plate etc., I asked him what I did. He asked me, with a big smile, to step out of my car. He pointed back west and asked me: “Do you see that yellow sign with the flashing lights back there?” I answered, “Yes.” He then informed me that it was a school zone and I had driven through at “about 39-41 mph.” [ About? ] He wrote the ticket and showed me the ‘state speeding fines statement [ ? ], noting that since I was doing 39 [ good guy that he was], he said that he would write it up at 39 mph to save me money. So, my fine would only be $400 ! Then he informed me that since I had been so polite to him, he would treat me really nice and if I’d just follow him back to city hall he’d so inform the judge and they would waive the ‘school zone’ part and I’d only have to pay $200, because after all, I was doing 39 mph in a 20 mph zone even if it wasn’t listed as a school zone. This begs common sense as it was only 20 mph IF THE LIGHTS WERE FLASHING ! I followed him and when entering the city hall, which was virtually empty, he said I wouldn’t have to see the judge after all, just go to the clerk and she would write it up as he said. They did, and cordially made arrangements for me to pay it off at 50.00 per month. What a bunch of great people! [Sarcasm intended ] Incidentally, my wife and I drove back and checked the sign. . . .there were no flashing lights. This was more than a ‘scam’ as it was fraudulent from the inception, including the ‘good guy’ act of the city marshal [ named Dwayne Dennis ].
    #7 – Jul 10, 2012

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